The year was 1980 and the duo was Late Gunwant Pancholi and Latesh Pancholi.
8th May 1980, almost 40 years from now they not only started a company but thought to SUSTAIN
the precious and reuse with the same energy.

YES! “SUSTAIN” is a word that has shifted to marketing from emotions. It all started with creating and selling a painting of all kinds that gives artists a new platform and source of income by doing what they love.
The Idea of sustaining occurs when Royal Houses are used to dispose of precious Carpets/Rugs with minor defects. ART INDIA took a step and started healing those minor defects with the best craftsmen and sell them with a new feel and energy.

This thought made ART INDIA a place where even defective has a place to heal.
Today under the leadership of Arpit Vijayvargiya Art India is producing new collections keeping more than 50% collection sustainable. They have 100+ craftsmen Kariagars and the best Machines, looms and equipment.

Art India is now 40 years old with a 55000 sq feet area. with 300+ Happy Clients and companies all over the world. Still, they are keeping a promise of 0 waste from the goods they produce. We can say that ART INDIA is an EARLY RISER because of Global warming / Pollutions etc. all are alarming since 1956 according to WHO but nobody took it seriously now everyone is dealing with the global destruction and somewhere we know we are the reason of it.
At last, we can only say sustain/curate/create because the world needs it badly.

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