We all enjoy palaces, large castles, long hall corridors, and balconies. However, due to the rapid increase in pollution, the land is becoming scarce. As a result, people are relocating to apartments. Rooms and living rooms are becoming increasingly small. It’s been said that it doesn’t matter if the house is small until and unless it’s your own. This blog will be very useful for those who want to make their small living space appear larger. Some techniques can make your living room appear larger.

Let’s start with your floors; to make them appear longer, you can use striped flooring or striped rugs and carpets.

Create the illusion of a larger living room by placing different rugs beneath different pieces, such as a rug beneath your coffee table and another beneath an armchair.

Choosing a larger rug, especially one with a strong design, is a method for making a room feel more spacious. The large size, unlike smaller carpets, does not visually break up the floor. This can also serve as an anchor for the area, providing a solid foundation upon which to build the rest of the room. You may also get more out of your space by using corner seating. If Possible use breezy fabric, Avoid using heavy materials that absorb light and weigh your room down.

Brighten up your surroundings! We’re talking about wall colours here, so pick cool ones. As we all know, white makes everything look bigger and brighter, so avoid dark tones like greys and blacks.




Allow your shelf to breathe by leaving some empty spaces on your living shelf to make it appear more spacious.
If you have a lot of books, try a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to make your ceiling appear higher.








If the curtain and wall colours are the same, the curtains will blend with the wall and make the room appear larger. When it comes to placing rugs in your room, the right rug will enhance your space, while the wrong one will make it appear even smaller. Choose a pattern with small repeats when shopping for a rug to encourage the eye to follow the pattern and make your living room appear larger.








Keeping your space clutter-free will always make your living room appear larger. Nothing shrinks a room like every surface falling and the floor being hidden beneath piles of stuff. In addition to having a good clear out and only bringing things into your living room that needs to be there, will help banish the clutter.

Let the light coming in, Focusing more on Natural light will enhance the ambience of your room visually bigger.

Opting for beautiful texture will add a large illusion to the living room.
Keep it warm and inviting with plush textures. Sheepskin rugs, grained wood pieces, limed floorboards, velvet cushions, and oh-so-soft tan leather recliners will all instantly warm up a scheme, especially when combined in an otherwise minimalist apartment living room ideas.

Art India is dedicated to improving people’s lives. I hope the above-mentioned tips will assist you in giving your living room a fresh new look by making it appear more spacious.

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